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Pharmaceutical investigator meetings

Strategies for active participation and successful meetings

AMI has led many successful pharmaceutical investigator meetings over the years. A core competency of our firm, we help physician partners establish meeting strategy and goals, coordinate arrangements with office staff at every step, and ensure the meeting champion has everything they need to lead successful meetings. If your budget doesn’t allow for bringing investigators and coordinators together for a face-to-face interaction, we offer cost-effective web-based solutions that serve as viable alternatives.

Insights about successful investigator meetings

Our experience with investigator meetings offers much key learning, including:

  • Investigator meetings go hand-in-hand with clinical trials. Meeting sponsors often have certain mandates that require principal investigators and coordinators to participate in these programs.
  • Discussions on protocol, regulatory issues, enrollment criteria, procedures and safety issues are all very important to the success of a trial.
  • Clear objectives are crucial for sponsors when recruiting for these programs. Investigator meetings that are interactive and have a clear focus on the science tend to be better received by participants.

Best practices for off-site meetings

When planning your next investigator meeting at an off-site location, keep these things in mind to ensure active participation:

  • Provide investigators as much advance information as possible
  • Have consultant and confidentiality agreements signed beforehand
  • Select locations and venues with easy access to airports to reduce transportation costs and travel time
  • Select locations where a majority of your attendees can drive
  • Be sure your internal team is well prepared, rehearsed and able to keep the discussion on point. Straying from your meeting objectives can often result in off-topic and irrelevant discussions
  • Be clear in your message and content and ensure didactic lectures are necessary
  • Create an atmosphere where investigators can be interactive but on topic
  • Allow time for investigators to network outside of the general session
  • Minimize out-of-office time for investigators, or host a weekend meeting to minimize time away from patients
  • Provide enough lead time and clear logistics communication

For assistance with your investigator meeting strategy and execution, or to learn more about our web-based solutions, contact AMI at (866) 337-7799 or