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Interpretation Services Technology

AMI remains at the forefront of technology advancements that continue to provide greater communication and understanding to people of different cultural backgrounds.  AMI utilizes robust, cutting-edge language and interpretation technology solutions that helps eliminate communication barriers and provides an unforgettable user experience for your virtual attendees in different parts of the globe. From onsite interpreter services to remote simultaneous language translations, transcription services, subtitling or closed captioning services, AMI offers cost-effective, customized solutions that meet our clients’ rapidly changing needs. To discuss how we can help power your virtual meetings in the fast-paced world of language services, contact us at (866) 337-7799 or  

Globalization & Localization Services

  • Simultaneous Language Translations
  • Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)
  • Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI)
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device Interpretation (BYOD)
  • Interpretation Management Systems (IMS)
  • Closed Captions, Video Transcription & Subtitle Services