Frequently Asked Questions


What is The Podcast about?

The Destination Everywhere Podcast highlights top destinations around the world while showcasing unique experiences within a particular city, state, country, or region. We discuss where to stay, what to eat, things to see, and exciting activities that complement the journey. The tone of each episode is fun, uplifting, inspirational, and timeless.

Who are the hosts?

Meet Andy McNeill and Todd Bludworth! Two travel and hospitality entrepreneurs who are the founders of American Meetings, Inc. (AMI), one of the world’s largest meeting/event organizations operating in over 60 countries.

Why did Andy and Todd create Destination Everywhere?

Their careers have jetted them to over one hundred countries and some of the world’s top hotels, where they’ve enjoyed exotic dining, colorful cultures and opportunities to check activities off their bucket lists along the way. The podcast is a platform that allows them to share their travel expertise and transport listeners to destinations around the world by interviewing well-known experts who can provide insight and suggestions to enhance the travel experience.

Who are your listeners and how many followers do you have?

The Destination Everywhere Facebook page has over 450,000 followers who include affluent travelers from all over the world. In addition, The American Meetings Network is made up of 46,000+ marketing and sales professionals, meeting managers, and event planners, in addition to other industry suppliers. The podcast specifically targets these segments of business and frequent travelers, who live and operate in over 87 countries and counting.

How long is each episode and how are they structured?

Each episode is 30–40 minutes in length and divided into multiple segments, featuring one to two guest interviews, personal experiences and recommendations.

Where can listeners learn more about featured guests?

Each episode can be listened to and watched right here on, our YouTube channel, or ten different podcast applications within the Places and Travel category.

Can I recommend a future guest or destination?

Absolutely. Submit guest recommendations on our website via the Become a Guestpage. For any other recommendations or comments, please email

Where can listeners download episodes and receive updates?

Each episode can be listened to and watched right here on, our YouTube channel, or ten different podcast applications within the Places and Travel category.

Where can listeners follow us on social media?

Facebook: @destinationeverywherepodcast & @americanmeetings
Instagram: @destinationeverywherepodcast & @americanmeetingsinc
Twitter: @AmerMeetings
YouTube: American Meetings, Inc
LinkedIn: Andy McNeill, Todd Bludworth, & American Meetings, Inc

Tell me more about AMI.

American Meetings, Inc. (AMI) is a global meeting services company with teams who are passionate about changing lives through meeting connections. For nearly two decades, AMI has helped clients achieve their business goals, amplify their brands and stand out by providing meeting strategies and services worldwide, delivering exceptional custom experiences across more than 60 countries. Learn more about AMI at

How can CBV’s and hotels partner with AMI for future meetings and events?

Join The American Meetings Network! AMI launched The American Meetings Network, a platform for meeting planners and procurement officers to collaborate with CVBs, hotels, group transportation companies, and various other meeting suppliers. Learn how to become a Prime Supplier at