Destination Everywhere

When You Are Ready to Go, We Are Ready With Your Destination.

AMI has published “EVERYWHERE” The Destination Everywhere Catalog to celebrate the wonderful places stayed, fabulous foods eaten, and adventures lived across today’s global destination landscape.

“EVERYWHERE” is a catalog collection of properties from around the world that showcases hotels that have provided incredible service to well-traveled AMI principals Andy McNeill and Todd Bludworth, along with their Fortune 500 clientele. Each venue provided friendly faces, welcoming hospitality, and are worthy of a future visit based on these recommendations. We have also included favorite places to eat, and activities to experience to add some local flavor to your next bucket list adventure.

Looking for inspiring destinations and experiences for your next event or group travel plan? Then join us for the perfect podcast, presented by AMI. Hosted by AMI principals, Andy McNeill and Todd Bludworth, this weekly podcast explores some of the world’s best meeting and group-travel destinations, along with the most exciting places to stay and things to do.