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Tips to Hitting Your Sales Goals in the Meetings Industry

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Surpass your quarterly metrics by meeting with event planners directly

Follow these 5 key points to hit your annual sales goals.

  1. Network – Publish your company listing on The American Meetings Network, where it will be seen and potentially sourced from over 63,000 meeting planners and event professionals.
  2. Positioning – Attend ENGAGE! 2021, AMI’s Annual Global Meetings Forum. Where our organization meets with The American Meetings Network Prime Suppliers to develop procurement strategies and engage with Executives, Meeting Planners and Sourcing Managers in a vibrant, social and educational atmosphere.
  3. Go Digital – Utilize video in your marketing strategy. Marketing reels are an easy and effective way for you to promote your brand.
  4. Work Virtual – iMeet. Use this tool for video-conferencing, conference calls and virtual sales presentations in addition to having direct access to AMI’s global sourcing teams on iMeet.
  5. Stay Connected – To find out where our global sourcing teams are looking to place our prime suppliers.

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Click here to download infographic

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