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Сontent and pre-meeting development

Sending one or more logistics support staff to an off-site venue sometimes is very costly and not always a necessity. We developed our “Meetings-in-a-Box” concept as a cost efficient solution for our customers who needed professional logistics and planning support but often could not afford, or did not have a need for, the on-site staff support.

Areas managed may be site selection and venue contract negotiation, program website, event registration, promotional items, printed materials, training materials, promotional items or sales tools, loaded presentations onto CD’s or flash drives, specialized flip charts, pens, pads, sign-in sheets, name badges and name tents.

AMI will prepare all of the essentials for your meeting and distribute them to one or many locations directly from our offices. The package is tracked to the meeting location or other identified address. Local and regional presenters have nothing left to do except open the box and execute their meetings. This solution is perfect for clients planning programs at a district level. The content remains the same but the locations can be anywhere you wish. Whether you need to host 10 or 100 meetings this option may be the right one for you.

Сontent and pre-meeting development

For more information about the “Meetings-in-a-Box” Concept, contact AMI toll free at 866-337-7799 or bd@americanmeetings.com.